We have to make a run at DJ Durken as Special Teams Coordinator


Jan 23, 2003
I really didn't think he would be available. I thought Florida would lock him up, but if we could get him to Auburn as a Special Teams Coordinator/Outside Linebacker Coach, it would be another home run hire! Durkin is one of the best Special Teams Coordinators in the nation, definitely in the top five. Usually when these special teams guys have success, they move on to major coordinator roles (same story with Durkin). It would be a h*ll of a coup to have Malzahn as OC, Muschamp as DC, and Durkin as STC. That would be a "DREAM TEAM" of coaches.

This is not an indictment against Scott Fountain. I really like the guy. He is a tireless recruiter who has had some success with Auburn's special teams. However, he was never intended to be an on-the-field coach. He served Auburn best in his role as director of player personnel under Chizik (when Auburn began signing its string of consecutive top 10 classes). I would love to see Malzahn to do a little support staff shuffling to get Fountain back in that role and free up a coaching slot for Durkin, provided another program doesn't snatch him up. (BTW, Malzahn has used a number of support positions to hook up his boys from Arkansas State.)


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