New Week 7 FBS/FCS/D2 Top 25's & 2019 NFL Draft QB Prospects Released

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    NCAA Football FBS-Top 25 - Week 7

    NCAA FCS-1AA Top 25 - Week 7

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    NCAA D2 Football Top 25 - Week 7


    NFL Draft Top 7 QB Prospects have been analyzed by their strengths and weaknesses. We will be evaluating all prospects at the NFL Reese's SR Bowl, as we have the past 2 years. We have received over 325 names of prospects from NFL scouts/GMs. The now #1 football analyst in all of college football will break down who is going to go where by addressing each athletes overall strengths & weaknesses throughout the season. The NFL draft players in my combine/technique training program will be given proven and elite ways to improve in areas before the 2019 NFL draft.

    Justin Herbert 6'6,233LBs - Oregon
    Strengths: Reminds me a lot of Carson Wentz in his overall athleticism and is a major reason he is being highly regarded as the best QB in the 2019 NFL Draft. He comes from a outstanding offensive scheme that is proven to build Quarterbacks to the likes of a Marcus Mariotta and at 1:04 into the Cal highlights, you will see how well he is able to push the ball downfield. He is very well coached in "looking off" the defensive backs and has highly active feet in the pocket, while using great body weight transition upon release of the football.
    Weaknesses: While Herbert has been very efficient, he lacks the big numbers you will see out of many QB's in this years NFL Draft. His mobility in the pocket will benefit him heavily at the next level, but Oregon's spread attack is always prolific in the run game nationally, which does create many wide open opportunities for the Quarterback when executing play action plays. Stats and most recent game footage can be found on each profile.


    Drew Lock 6'4, 225LB - Missouri Tigers
    Strengths: Very good arm strength with outstanding accuracy. Exhibits very good timing with his receivers at Mizzou and has been the most prolific QB statistically, as he has started since his freshmen season. Led Big 12 in TD passes in 2017, over Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield.
    Weaknesses: Has not played well against top opponents as cited by SB Nation. He is indecisive at times and has a slight hitch in his throwing motion that delays his delivery. This could explain how his play can drop off against more intuitive and speedy defensive backs, which should be a cause for concern moving forward and needs to be addressed moving forward.

    Join us this year at the 2019 NFL Reese's Senior Bowl for the most exclusive Scouting material and info that will wind up getting the right players drafted. The Cleveland Browns sure listened to the best in the game.

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