We have all voted that we will give up up the FG resulting from the penalty

May 29, 2001
Near Smith Lake
We will just make it 26-13 a'ight?? If that will end the cult wailing and gnashing of tooth.

Jeezus..stop whining and get better players and coaches. FIVE (5) pretty mediocre teams also beat you...Fact is that no one really needs the refs help to beat a Gus Mahlzahn team.. he will usually do that himself... and you pay Gus and Boom about $6M for this shyt-show??


......Derrick Henry just ran by my window dragging McKinzy and Frost.....

It appears that yall will be spending Dec 30 in Lesion Field commemorating the few AU wins in the real Iron Bowls. Hope we can all celebrate this Cult event and see that Awbren Spirit up close(snicker) . Ya'll should pack it out right??

Ohh yeah... bring $Cam so we can make fun of him again.

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Sep 6, 2010
That's cold, even for Awbie. LMAO! You forgot to remind them to make sure their insurance policies for their families are current in case the damn stadium collapses, and for their automobiles left alone in the parking areas. ROTFLMMFAO!

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