Traveling to Auburn/Georgia, need some advice

Dec 18, 2015
I'm a long suffering Pitt fan, and my 18 year old son and I are traveling to the Auburn/Georgia game in a few weeks. I'd like to make sure we get the most of the Auburn experience. We have been to most ACC venues, but we are looking forward to the SEC experience. I'd appreciate any tips or advice as to tailgating, places to eat, places to stay, what to do on Friday, etc. We are flying into Atlanta early Friday and renting a car. Have not booked a hotel yet (just decided last night to make the trip), so probably won't be able to stay within an hour or so of campus. Any advice would be appreciated!


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Aug 18, 2013

I would recommend the Friday Football Lumcheon, Locker room Tour and War Eagle Girl and Plainsman Walking Tour.

Mama Goldbergs Deli on Magnolia is a local sandwich place near campus. Typical college dive. Have a Mamas Love. Have a lemonade at Toomers Drugs at Toomers Corner.

Upscale dining at Acre, The Depot, The Hound or Hamiltons. All in downtown Auburn. Make reservations now if interested.

Tiger walk before the game on Saturday. Make sure you are in the stadium for the pregame eagle flight.
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