Ticket Question


Jan 19, 2003
Good afternoon Auburn fans!

So let me explain my screen name first. I was born and raised a Vandy fan (for the longest I thought I was the jinx, since I was born after the 1982 HOF Bowl and grew up watching the 5-6 seasons at best).

My Brother is an AU alum and I am now getting my MBA from AU via the Distance Program. My Brother and I are going to start an annual trip to come down to Auburn for a game. Hopefully as the years pass we can bring along my son (and other family members) to attend as well (he's still in diapers so it will be a while before he makes it to a game at Jordan-Hare).

Anyway - we'd like to go to 1 of the following games this year: LSU, Texas A&M, and South Carolina. Unfortunately AU is not selling individual tickets to these games. Is Stubhub the best route? I want a good seat, but I can't afford a pricey ticket either.

Any help would be much appreciated and WDE!!!!!