College Football Playoff 8 Team CFB Today Bracket Of The Future

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    College Football Playoff 8 Team CFB Today Bracket Of The Future

    College Football Playoff

    As this year's College Football Playoff debates continue, we are going to introduce how of our 8 team playoff brackets would work in College Football Today. With the NCAA D2 Football playoff and FCS Playoff successfully completing playoff brackets year in and year out, we feel it is time to start the argument to why we should have a 8 team College Football Playoff system in place.


    College Football Playoff Rankings

    "The College Football Playoff is not an officially sanctioned championship event by the NCAA, the sport's governing body. The NCAA has never recognized an official national championship for FBS football, instead merely recognizing the decisions made any of a number of independent major championship selectors." -Wiki
    A 13 member committee completes this selection process, instead of the BCS computers that used to finish the NCAA FBS Top 25. Because the Tournament only has four teams, this usually creates a cause for concern among power five programs and other less lucrative programs in smaller conferences like UCF. The fact of the matter is, anyone can claim a national title these days and we plan on crowning our champion by influencing all members of every Top 25 committee to do whats right for not only each college football program, but also each individual student-athlete who deserves a shot at the national title.


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