College FB Today's Top 25 & 2019 All-American Poll Results (9,349 votes/24hrs)

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    *Our Polls our released before AP Top 25 & Coaches Polls. They seem to make the same changes!

    Below are examples of College Football Today's Pi-Charts used to show who the FANS voted "IN" or who the FANS voted "OUT". We have hundreds of write ins (many duplicates) & will be posting them shortly. The images below click to the polls and our other #CollegeFBtoday Top 25 pages. As of right now, you can rank the FBS, FCS, D2, NAIA & College FB Today's 2019 All-American recruits. With over 9,000 voters in 24 hours, we will announce weekly polls every Friday.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Learn more about how economic situations plays a roll in the AP Top 25.

    #CollegeFBToday FBS Top 25 (All Polls at end of Top 25 pages)
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