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  1. CowardlyToaster

    It's not political when everyone agrees. #LocktheClock

    And if Rubio gets this done he has my vote for...
  2. CowardlyToaster

    Post your favorite YouTube Haiku ITT

    Inspired by [USER=72100]@S-Town...
  3. CowardlyToaster

    SIAP the Hawks done fahrd the coach.

    Which is ridiculous if you really think about...
  4. CowardlyToaster

    Any Truth to the rumor Gus is still running the show in Auburn?

    I hate to throw around terms like "shadow...
  5. CowardlyToaster

    As a lifelong fan of the BUCKS, I'm getting a little tired of you Johnny-Come-Latelys

    After all WE have been through as an...
  6. CowardlyToaster

    When I play Word Blitz are the people I'm playing against real?

    The reason I ask is, they all have what appear...
  7. CowardlyToaster

    Lifelong soldier in the CHEIFS ARMY here, gang.

    Gotta say it's a great day to bleed red and...
  8. AUgncEngineer

    Do you believe in aliens?

    Results are public. Try not to make yourself...
  9. CowardlyToaster

    Imagine being Dr Fauci right now.

    Work your whole life to become an expert the...
  10. CowardlyToaster

    Okay guys let's give it a rest with the fireworks.

    It's 9:00pm. We all love America but that's no...
  11. CowardlyToaster

    Gang, my coworker just BLEW THE FVCKING LID OFF the Coronavirus HOAX.

    My coworker, who is an adult man in his...
  12. CowardlyToaster

    Would you be down with a for real LOCKDOWN for three weeks if there was a 40% chance it would work?

    Everybody stays home except for the most...
  13. CowardlyToaster

    VINCE CARTER retired today.

    After 22 seasons. What's your favorite...
  14. CowardlyToaster

    Did any of the BASKETBALL players have the VID?

    Or, GOD forbid, any members of the Pearl family?
  15. CowardlyToaster

    Where did Horn's Pleasant Grove thread run off to?

    Someone had just told me to KMS and I was...
  16. AU HDL

    This is my new home

    and I love it here
  17. CowardlyToaster

    LIKE Insurance Policies Available

    Let me tell you a scary story. There are...
  18. CowardlyToaster

    How old is too old to go to law school?

    Asking for myself.
  19. CowardlyToaster

    Anyone else get the feeling the ones who are most aggressively unafraid of the Chinabug

    are actually the most afraid? Nobody acts like...
  20. CowardlyToaster

    Hearing JOE BURROW could be first off the board tonight, gang.

    Insider scuttle is deafening at the moment.