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    Ive heard several accounts of disgusting behavior by Georgia fans

    If you believe everything that is posted on these boards, God help you. If you do use this as another fact. "Laugh if you will, but I've seen it several times with my own eyes. One year I actually made the mistake of taking a Gamecock friend from my church. This was during the Brad Scott...
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    Will Collier is a dumb ass**

    Collier may be but let's give him a chance to explain what he meant in this comment..Georgia has embraced the nasty, hooligan attitude Richt brought in from Miami and Florida State (your words). I can't wait to hear your response and that is no joke Will. I will respond once you have...
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    Shocking, another Bammer in trouble with NCAA!

    Heard that Jon Taylor, the player kicked out of UGA is visiting Auburn this weekend. Is that true?