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    I have no obsession with Gus. I didn't like him when he was at Arkansas and I was happy to see him go. So was Arkansas St. The man and his wife will do the same thing at Auburn that they did here, and cause nothing but trouble. Seriously all you have to do is look back to the HDN days, with Gus...
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    Extending an olive branch

    They'll get no sympathy from me. AU got what they deserved if the truth be told.
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    The only reason I'm over here is because of the arrogant pompous a-holes from this board who came to our board running their chops about how great they were. I told them after they came over to our board running their mouths about us losing to Alabama that they would lose atleast 3 games this...
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    Told you so................ROTFLMAO >>Auburn = >> Gus Bus >> Auburn > < Bama Enough said.
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    Lack of Talent,or Lack of Coaching

    NoogaTiger gets it. Time for the rest of you to wake up, and realize Gus is not the Messiah.
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    When is Malzahn going to address the elephant(s) in the room?

    This is what you get when you have a coach who's soul focus in offense. We went through it with Petrino.......Hell we could score with he best of them we just couldn't stop them from scoring. Petrino and Gus are cut from the same cloth nothing but offense, and no defense. Oh they will hire good...
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    Ole Miss and Ark fans on here barking about the TAM loss? Really?

    Of course we are with plain, simple and justifiable reasons. You guys wanted to come to our board and run your damned mouths, and now that what we tried to tell you about you precious little coach is coming true now you want to play the damn victim card. Go to hell!!! Your not so damned high and...
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    The entire states of Mississippi and Arizona will be intolerable this week*

    LMAO Aubbie RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The entire states of Mississippi and Arizona will be intolerable this week*

    Talk about your hypocrites. Now I know how Alabama feels having to deal with you loudmouthed arrogant Tiggers. For years I thought Alabama was the pompus arrogant ones, but nope Aubbie fans have straightened me out............Yes thats right Aubbie come time for the Iron Bowl this Razorback...
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    Shocking, another Bammer in trouble with NCAA!

    Nothing else will need to be said by me. Just follow and read the links.
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    Shocking, another Bammer in trouble with NCAA!

    LMAO its funny to me how you launch an attack because someone points out DOCUMENTED PROOF of your illustrious programs impeccable and pristine history. Just remember this the entire time your pointing the finger of blame.....four of them are pointed right back at you.
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    Shocking, another Bammer in trouble with NCAA!

    This topic being started by the fan of a school (Auburn) who's been under investigation 22 times since 1980? Seriously lol. Auburn is #3 (Alabama not on list..Imagine that)