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    I bet you besmirched his beloved team. And he wants vengeance.
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    Did you have the crab bisque? that was always Lowenstein’s favorite.
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    You tell him, Gavin! You tell that sombish!!!!
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    Was Helen Keller a waste of oxygen?

    She could still moan unintelligibly during sex
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    Cure For AIDS Found In Norway

    @Stumpfan has AIDS
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    Witness in Trump Impeachment Found Dead

    Beth Warren will bring us justice
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    I’m man enough to stand with Elizabeth Warren

    Are you?
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    Benny loves bull peen

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    Prayers for my dog

    Wife and kids were both hacked to death by an axe murderer last night and now today ole Daisy is having trouble pooping. Have to take her to the vet and such.
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    I’ve lost faith in Coach Gus

    I fear he’s in league with the Devil. A good man brought down. I thought of this while in the forest. Alone with my thoughts. And the critters.