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  1. AU-USCGrad

    The show "Blackish" just turned off 60% of America**

    I agree, and for that matter, Carroll O'Connor wouldn't have either. Carroll was a very different person than Archie. If I remember right, he at first didn't want to continue through with the show because he found Archie so racist, and then realized it was more of a comic political commentary...
  2. AU-USCGrad

    Auburn fans

    I'm feeling pretty good about the cancer that was cut out of the team this week. I'm proud that CGM stood for integrity rather than worrying about performance on the field, not that Duke was performing well on the field anyway. I wish the best for the kid, but don't let the door hit you on the...
  3. AU-USCGrad

    Congratulations Auburn

    Thanks, y'all sure stepped in up the 2nd half and made us sweat. You got a great QB and he's just a freshman, very promising for you guys.
  4. AU-USCGrad

    Which one of you banned Ghost?

    Trust me, she wants her learner's permit. She's in driver's ed right now. She's much more mature than me and really grounded, so maybe she can be my chauffeur.
  5. AU-USCGrad

    Which one of you banned Ghost?

    Ugh, making me a bit anxious here. My daughter turns 15 tomorrow. Here we go!
  6. AU-USCGrad

    The Crapstone Creed

    Wow, pops, man, I thought you were better than this. Trolling on the Auburn board? SMH. GOMM's knuckle-dragging self, now that the board has changed and screwed up his ban so he can freely troll, I knew that would happen, but you, I knew that you had a life, so this is disappointing.
  7. AU-USCGrad

    Help me out here

    LOL, yup, I know how to play this game. And, I really did wonder what they did with those graves. Kind of freaky really.
  8. AU-USCGrad

    Help me out here

    Like I said, billy, the 'doomed to break up one' is the only superstition I knew of, but I've not heard of the one you're referencing, and I live here. So, yeah, there's that. Kind of like the stories that Bryce State Psychiatric Hospital used to allow their patients to wander UAT campus, oh...
  9. AU-USCGrad

    Help me out here

    Yeah, I heard about several times while I was a student. I never really paid attention. Something like, "step on a crack, break your mother's back." It's a superstition thing. The version I heard had something to do with not walking across it with your significant other, because you're...
  10. AU-USCGrad

    Happy Easter Aubs

    Hope you had a great Easter, billy.
  11. AU-USCGrad


    Huh, curious. Wonder where 15 went? Just like that, he/she dropped off the face of the earth. Posted around 9 p.m. last night, then . . . . . nothing. Yea, glasshouses 'n stuff, tool. Karma, baby, karma.
  12. AU-USCGrad

    sorry to hear about Mitchell, sounds like

    Amen, Morris. Thoughts and prayers lifted and are always appreciated. My heart breaks for his folks. Seem to be fine people, and now they have to bury a son. Just awful.
  13. AU-USCGrad

    Nick Saban on the HOT SEAT....

    I'm a surprised Hoke isn't #1. Putting players' health in jeopardy, aside from the massive failure to get 'W's, is enough to fire the tool.
  14. AU-USCGrad

    Shocking, another Bammer in trouble with NCAA!

    Piggy has more worthless blogs. Yes, we recently had secondary violations, as you posted from a real article. You'd be hard pressed to find any program worth it's salt who hasn't had secondary violations recently. You do realize that blogs are matters of opinion and not fact, oh wait, your a...
  15. AU-USCGrad

    Shocking, another Bammer in trouble with NCAA!

    LOL at a piggy who links to a no count blog. Written 3 1/2 years ago none the less. LOL, was 'Old Butthead' even your coach back then? HUNH got to you, piggy? BOO!!
  16. AU-USCGrad

    So how has Mincey been passing drug tests the last 3-4 years at AU*

    You mad, bro? Such and angry little fellow.
  17. AU-USCGrad

    Been really great to read

    all of these well wishes from fans of other schools. Phillip Lutzenkirchen was a wonderful young man and was loved by many. He loved Auburn, he loved his friends and family, but he loved Christ first and foremost. Thanks to all of those who've written kind and supportive words. Your prayers...